Mousa Coast is the ultimate family destination, providing a variety of activities for all family members, conveniently located close to Cairo. The project spans a total area of 1402327.1 m2, with an average beach distance of 950m and 200m depth.

    A total of 14 pools serves the different project’s zones, constituting a total of 4154 chalets, 60 villas and 34 hotel units.


    • Beach
    • 14 Pools
    • Beach front lake
    • SPA
    • Aqua Park
    • Water Activities
    • The Walk
    • Hotel
    • Super Market


    Little Greece

    Reflecting basics of the original Greek love affair with balance and symmetry comes Little Greece, Mousa Coast.

    Combining the lines that helped shaped today’s modern world architecture with the color identity known to shape The charming greek islands.

    Mousa Coast with exclusive chalets and villas designed and built with the classic greek architecture.

    • Unit Types: Villas / Chalets
    • Area: Villas and chalets ranging from 127m to 308m
    • Delivery: Ready To Move
    • Finishing Type: Fully finished

    Colorado Lakes

    Inspired from the contemporary American architecture of state of Colorado with natural stones finish.

    The state of luxury offered by Contemporary living and the nature touch and feel in every detail to be the perfect mix of the natural living with the convenience of the modern technology.

    Colorado Lakes offers no less than the Retreat living you and your family deserve in your vacations.

    • Area: Chalets and Villas ranging from 127m to 250 m2
    • Delivery Status: Ready To Move
    • Finishing Type: Fully finished

    Alghero Sea View

    Italy is where people, culture and nature come together creating an amazing mixture of beauty.

    Based on the wonderful Italian city of Alghero Sea View comes to amaze everyone.

    Imagine how beautiful it would be when Italian architectural design meets the calm blue waters of the red sea, adding lakes, pools and green landscapes to this scene, creating the perfect mix of relaxation and fun.

    • Unit Types: Chalets & Villas ranging from 90-428 m2
    • Delivery Status: Under construction (4 years delivery)
    • Finishing Type: Fully Finished

    Nobu Beach Chalets

    Inspired by the Nubian architecture Mousa Coast is offering NOBU Beach Chalets, Fully finished and furnished chalets directly overlooking the beach.

    • Unit Types: Chalets
    • Area: 67m to 91m
    • Delivery Status: Ready To Move
    • Finishing Type: Fully finished and furnished with A/C’S and kitchen cabinet